Irish on Grand is the place to visit for any of your Irish needs (including Irish dance shoes, both soft and hard). Maeve and Liam are great friends of not just the Center for Irish Music, but of all the local Irish organizations. They are the folks in the know.  They'll point you to good beer, good fish and chips, all your great choices of dance schools, and the local sessions. Plus, it is the place to buy your Barry's tea, Irish flour mix, and if you are lucky, Kerrygold butter! 

Jazz 88 FM is a Minneapolis Public School radio station run by students. Check out their playlists and give them a listen (especially the syndicated Celtic show, Thistle and Shamrock that airs Sundays at noon), they know their music! 

Century Song KFAI, hosted by Dan Rein airs Sunday 8-10AM. Dan plays traditional music from around the world. "Irish jigs, Scandinavian Polskas, Pow-wows, and South India Bharata Natam..." Dan also interviews musicians live on his show, and has honored many of the CIM staff by doing so. Dan has been exposing his listeners to traditional music for twenty years -- thank you, Dan! 

Irish Music Magazine: Irish Traditional Music is at the heart of the Irish culture and history, never as a static antiquity, the tradition is alive and vital, open to change yet conservative of its core values.The essence of Irish Music Magazine is to reflect what is happening in Irish music in contemporary society. From commercial recordings of traditional tunes, to experimentation with other musical cultures, Irish Music Magazine keeps readers informed about upcoming tours, events and also festivals from the diverse world of Irish and Celtic acoustic music.

The Irish Traditional Music Archive – Taisce Cheol Dúchais Éireann – is a national reference archive and resource centre for the traditional song, instrumental music and dance of Ireland. It is a public not-for-profit facility which is open, free of charge, to anyone with an interest in the contemporary and historical artforms of Irish traditional music. The Archive promotes public education in Irish traditional music through its own activities and through partnerships with others.