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Note: The information below is from our 2017 event. Please stay tuned for 2018 Fund a Need information!

Help Hand Down the Tradition Contribute to CIM’s Irish Music Instrument Fund-A-Need Today

At the Center for Irish Music, we never want cost to be a barrier to beginning a musical education in this rich tradition. Thanks to our successful instrument rental program, dozens of CIM students now enjoy affordable access to expensive and hard-to-find Irish instruments that might otherwise be out of reach—from harps and concertinas, to wooden flutes and uilleann pipes.

You can help us hand down the tradition at Éigse CIM, A Gaela Event with a contribution to our Irish Music Instrument Fund-A-Need program, which will help to support music learners and lovers of every age and stage. With a musical “wish list” that ranges from $10 tin whistles to $1,000 uilleann pipes, any size contribution can make a difference at our thriving community music school. Here’s how:

  • $10 buys a tin whistle for one of our 6-8 year old “Tin Whistle Troupers,” one of CIM’s most successful childhood music programs.
  • $50 provides for five months of harp rental, allowing new students to try their hand at one of Ireland’s most iconic instruments.
  • $150 allows CIM instructors to spread the word about Irish music in school assemblies, classroom workshops, and other outreach events.
  • $350 puts a high-quality, keyless Irish flute in the hands of one of CIM’s young whistle and flute players.
  • $500 helps tune up the hard-working pianos in CIM’s classrooms.
  • $1,000 adds an extra set of Uillean pipes to CIM’s rental program, ensuring the next generation of “Great Northern Pipers” have access to the national bagpipe of Ireland.
  • $2,000 takes the squeeze out of the cost of an accordion or English concertina for one of CIM’s new adult learners.
  • $4,000 covers the full costs for an upgraded upright piano in CIM’s multi-purpose room, providing the musical backing for nine Irish music ensembles now playing together every week You don't have to wait for Éigse to give the gift of music - just select an instrument you'd like to sponsor and help us hand down the tradition today!

You don't have to wait for Éigse to give the gift of music - just select an instrument you'd like to sponsor below! 

Donate to the Éigse Fund a Need now!

Select an Instrument

New Piano - $4000.00

We need a good quality used piano for the multi-purpose room!  The heart of our growing ensemble program, this large room currently has an old donated piano in it that is no longer tuneable.  Since we share this space with the Celtic Junction Arts Center, this new instrument will be accessible to not just CIM students, but also other music groups that use the space, such as the Celtic Fiddlers Association.  

Concertina - $2000.00

We received a generous donation of an anglo concertina a few years ago, but have needed to repair it a couple of times since.  We are looking to buy an instrument of better quality, sound and function that is easier to maintain.  

Piano Upgrade - $1500.00

Our long-time piano tuner has advised us to exchange the piano in CIM room 5 for a higher quality, better made instrument that will stand up to Minnesotan weather changes and heavy use by young students.  For $1000, we will be able to trade our existing piano in for a better one at Keys for Kids - a great deal for us and a chance to support another local nonprofit!

Accordion - $1000.00

The button accordion is used in folk music around the world, and Irish musicians typically play instruments key of B/C or C#/D. The push and pull of the bellows lends a distinct lift to Irish music. We currently have a B/C accordion available for rent but not a C#/D.  Marty McHugh and John McCormick are local stalwart C#/D players and we need to have that local tradition reflected in CIM's arsenal of instruments!

Uilleann Pipes - $900.00

We've had many new inquiries about this uniquely Irish instrument in the last year. With two fantastic instructors teaching pipes, we're in need of another starter set. Past MIM artist and renowned uilleann piper and maker, Tommy Martin is ready to make a set for us as soon as we have the funds!

2 Irish Flutes - $350.00 each

Irish flute is CIM's most sought-after rental instrument. Flute is a great transitional instrument for students who have a basic command of tin whistle and/or silver flute. Its characteristic earthy tone is unique and beautiful, but wooden flutes are both expensive and difficult to care for in Minnesota weather. Flutemaker David Copley makes high-quality student flutes out of delrin, a material that is low-maintenance and impervious to Minnesota's extreme temperature changes. We currently own four student flutes which are always rented out. Help us to make this Irish instrument accessible to more aspiring flute players!


The whistle is the most accessible of all the Irish instruments and is often a gateway for learners of all ages. Help us to bring the tradition to even more students, including our popular "Tin Whistle Troupe" class for 6-9 year old musicians who are new to the tradition.  We source our beginner whistles directly from Irish On Grand, and are hoping to expand our outreach efforts outside the walls of the Celtic Junction in 2017-18.  The more whistles we have, the more we can give away to students interested in learning more about the Irish tradition.

Select an Instrument