2020 Common Tunes

Below you’ll find the 2020 collection of CIM Common Tunes, compiled by fiddler Mary Vanorny for the Center for Irish Music. We recommend listening to the fast tracks many times, and then playing along with the slow tracks to learn the notes. We hope you enjoy this collection, and be sure to check out the archive for more! Many thanks to all the CIM Instructors who donated their time to record the videos and to Brian Miller for providing chords for most of the tunes! Download the list of tunes here.

REELS - Drogheda Lasses & Jack Coughlan's Fancy

​sheet music with chords - fast recording (video)
1. Drogheda Lasses -  slow recording
2. Jack Coughlan's Fancy - slow recording

JIGS - Kilmovee & James McMahon’s

sheet music with chordsfast recording (video)
3. Kilmovee - slow recording
4. James McMahon’s - slow recording

POLKAS - Tom Mhic's & Terry “Cuz” Teahan’s​

sheet music with chordsfast recording (video)
5. Tom Mhic's - slow recording
6. Terry “Cuz” Teahans - slow recording

O’CAROLAN - Planxty George Brabazon

sheet music with chords
7. Planxty George Brabazon - recording (video)

JIGS - Bundle and Go & The Further the Deeper

sheet music with chords  - fast recording (video)
8. Bundle and Go - slow recording
9. The Further, the Deeper - slow recording

HORNPIPES - Concertina & Plains of Boyle

​sheet music with chords  - fast recording (video)
10. Concertina - slow recording
11. Plains of Boyle - slow recording

REELS - O'Connell's Trip to Parliament & Mother and Child

sheet music with chordsfast recording (video)
12. O'Connell's Trip to Parliament - slow recording
13. Mother and Child - slow recording

SLIP JIGS - Redican’s Mother & My Mind is Never Easy

sheet music with chords - fast recording (video)
14. Redican’s Mother- slow recording
15. My Mind Will Never Be Easy - slow recording

WALTZ/SONG - My Eileen is Waiting For Me

​sheet music with chords
16. My Eileen is Waiting For Me - recording (video)

REELS -The Dairy Maid & The Eel in the Sink

​sheet music with chords  - fast recording (video)
17. Dairy Maid - slow recording
18. The Eel in the Sink - slow recording

POLKAS - I Have a Bonnet Trimmed With Blue & O’Connor's

sheet music with chords  - fast recording (video)
19. I Have a Bonnet Trimmed in Blue - slow recording
20. O’Connor's - slow recording