Local Irish Sessions

Local Sessions

CIM hosts sessions at gatherings such as the Open House, Volunteer party, special holiday sessions and at the Minnesota Irish Music Weekend. It is always appropriate to bring your instrument when you come to the Center for Irish Music!  CIM hosts a regular session called the Young Learners' Session on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

Here is a list of regular Irish traditional music sessions around the Twin Cities:

Fridays 6-9pm at The Dubliner, Saint Paul

Saturdays 10am-11:30am at the Center for Irish Music on the 3rd Saturday of the month - Young Learner's Session

Sundays 1-3pm at Kieran’s Irish Pub, Minneapolis
Come eat brunch and play tunes at this family-oriented session led by CIM founders Kate and Jode Dowling, Danielle Enblom, Cory Froehlich with common appearances of Dáithí Sproule, Barry Foy.  The session is focused on young trad musicians with a goal of providing an opportunity to play in sessions, and to encourage their music in all ways possible!  Talk to your CIM instructor about being added to the Facebook message group for this session as the schedule often changes due to sports events in the area.

Sundays 4-6pm Keegan's/CIM Learners Session at Keegan’s Irish Pub, Minneapolis
This beginner session is led by Pat Lyles, Tom Lockney (when he is in town) and others. The goal of the Keegan's Learner's session is to introduce newcomers to the "session experience" in a welcoming environment. The session focuses on playing tunes at a slower pace in sets (usually of three tunes each) from the Fionn Sessiún books. Occasionally, an instructor from CIM will teach a new tune during the session. The ultimate goal for Keegan's/CIM Learners session players is to graduate to the regular (6:00) Keegan's session and other sessions! 

Here are the tune sets as of 10/1/18. Happy tune learning!


1. Boyne Hunt, Shannon Breeze (Rolling in the Rye Grass)/ Red Haired Lass, p. 6

2. Over the Moor To Maggie/Lady Ann Montgomery/Maude Millar, p. 7

3. Silver Spear/Father Kelly's/Miss Monaghan, p. 9

4. Joe Cooley's Reel/Wise Maid/Bird in the Bush, p. 11

5. Miss McLeod's/Merry Blacksmith/Sally Gardens, p. 14

6. Tulla reel/Skylark/Roaring Mary


7. Humours of Glendart/Saddle the Pony/Tobin’s, p. 19

8. Geese in the Bog/Connaughtman's Ramble's/Out on the Ocean, p. 20

9. Jerry’s Beaver Hat/Kesh/Rambling Pitchfork, p. 21

10. Haunted House/My Darling Asleep/Club Ceili [The Old Favorite], p. 22

11. Jim Ward's Jig/Blarney Pilgrim/The Cook in the Kitchen, p. 23

12. Kid on the Mountain, Morrison’s/Leitrim Jig, p. 27

13. Dusty Windowsill (Austin Barret’s)/Cliff’s of Moher/Rose in the Heather, p. 29


14. Sonny Murray's (The Wicklow/Delahunty’s)/Home Ruler/Kitty's Wedding, p. 33

15. Boys of Bluehill/Cork Hornpipe (Harvest Home)/Cronin's Hornpipe, p. 34


16. Brosna Slide/O'Keefe's Slide/Denis Murphy's Slide, p. 35


17. Balleydesmond Polka No. 2/Ballydesmond Polka No. 1/Peg Ryean's-Kerry Polka

Sundays 6-8pm at Keegan’s Irish Pub, Minneapolis
This well-attended session is recommended for our most advanced students.  Pull up a chair, grab a pint, and listen to the local masters.  Join in if and when you are ready!

Unaccompanied Singing

Final Sunday of each month 3-5pm at W.A. Frost and Company, St. Paul
This singing session is run by the Twin Cities’ Traditional Singers Club and meets in the lower level in Frost's cozy wine cellar.

Session in Dublin

Dublin session. Photo by Danny Diamond