Instrument Rental

The Center for Irish Music rents the following instruments:

  • Uilleann pipes
  • Irish flutes
  • Harps
  • Bodhráns (Irish frame drum)
  • Tenor banjos
  • Mini-accordions for beginners

instrument rental photo

If you are looking for a more common instrument such as a fiddle or guitar, we recommend contacting a local music shop to rent or buy a quality instrument.

How do the instrument rentals work?

A limited number of instruments are available for rent from CIM. To find out which instruments are available for rent, contact the office at  Generally, there is a $10 per month fee plus a refundable deposit (20% of replacement value). The deposit is payable in full at the time of rental.

When the instrument is returned, the deposit will be refunded, minus the cost of any necessary repairs. The condition of the instrument will be determined by one of the CIM instructors upon the instrument's return. The monthly rental fee will be charged through the student's Jackrabbit portal.