We love our CIM volunteers!  Without them, this school could not thrive and continue to grow.  If you would like to become part of our wonderful volunteer pool please fill out this short questionnaire.  We'd like to know what interests you!

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Silent auction checkout, meal service, decorating, and more out at our signature fundraiser, Éigse CIM, a Gaela Event
  • Set up, clean up, greeting, and more at Minnesota Irish Music Weekend
  • Hosting a CIM booth or display at community events
  • Ongoing administrative support, such as filing, printing, and preparing mailings

You can also reach us at volunteer@centerforirishmusic.org


Thanks to our 2017-18 volunteers!

The following volunteers donated their time, energy, expertise, music and muscle, helping the Center for Irish Music to hand down the tradition to the next generation of musicians in our community. We are so grateful for your participation.

Christine, Greg & Derek Anderson
Sarah, Dack & Hannah Anderson
Susan & Eric Beers
Becky Bollinger
Kamela & John Brown
Jan & Mike Casey
Patrick Cole
The Coleman Family
The De Georgeo Family
Eileen Degnan
Shannon Dietz
Jode Dowling
Siobhán Dúgan
Kathleen Durbin
Sean Egan
Mattie Ernst
Leah & Ian Evison
Jane Fallander
The Flagstad Family
Karen & Dáithí Floody
Susan Bedor & Bob Ford
Barry Foy
Jan & Patrick Flowers
Hannah Flowers
Beth & Jeff Flynn
Dan Flynn
Nicole Boor
Cory Froehlich
Seán Gavin
Mary & Katie Glazer
Siana Goodwin
Susanne Grochett
Brianna & Matt Hager
Charlie Heymann
Meg & Gary Johnson
Tom Klein
Mary Lane
Alex Langley
Sarah Larsen
Iain Dove Lempke
Emma & Nate Liu
Kelsey Lutz
Pat Lyles
Gloria & Mike Lynch
Teisha Magee
Janet Whaley & Patrick Maun
Chad McAnally
John McCormick
Teresa McCormick
Morien & Carillon McBurnie
Todd Menton
Jeanne Morales
Kim McKeage
The McKenna/Larsen Family
Deb & Mike Meade
Martha Megarry
The Mee Family
Brian Miller
Carrie Miller
Linda Moses
Seth Nelson
Nancy Nelson
Heather Ninow
Bev & Mike O'Connor
The O’Shea Family
The Ochs Family
Haley Olson
Lisa & Greg Padden
The Pasquerella Family
The Pierce Family
Matthew Prediger
Norah Rendell
Suzanne & David Rhees
Patrick Riley
Olivia Roucka
Amy Dailey, Paul & Ava Sackaroff
Candy Simmons
Nadia & Hans Simons
Dáithí Sproule
Suin Swann
Kristo Sween
Darcy & Andy Tatham
Erin Thomasson
Jo Ann & Mario Vano
Mary Vanorny
Nevellie Larson & Sarah Weaver
Cara Weggler
Karen Williams
Suzanne & Greg Willodson
Althea Willette
Rosa Wells