Workshops at the Center for Irish Music

Through our instructors’ personal connections and the Celtic Junction Arts Center’s concert series, the Center for Irish Music has access to an international network of Irish traditional musicians. If it’s feasible, and if there is interest from the community, we organize workshops for performing artists who are touring through the Midwest.

Check back here for more information on upcoming workshops, and don’t hesitate to let us know who you’d like to learn music from!

GSE 2019 200 Randal Bays in session

Minnesota Irish Music Weekend

The Minnesota Irish Music Weekend, presented by the Center for Irish Music, is a unique annual festival that pairs world-class traditional Irish musicians and teachers with learners of all ages for a weekend of workshops, lectures, sessions and concerts.

Each of our visiting artists is recognized for their musical mastery, and will offer insights and techniques to help learners tap into the deep roots of traditional Irish music.

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