Tim "Fitz" Fitzgerald

Tim 'Fitz' Fitzgerald left us on March 3, 2010. Fitz was an integral part of the Twin Cities Irish community as a musician, artist, craftsman, singer, photographer, and promoter - a modern day Renaissance man who was always willing to lend a helping hand. Fitz was involved with Irish Fair Minnesota, the Emerald Society, and the Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band. Over the years, Fitz also brought some great music and theater to Kieran’s Irish Pub.

For 15 years, Fitz encouraged and advanced opportunities for performing musicians in the Irish community. We are carrying on that tradition by awarding scholarships to support and recognize musicians at the Center for Irish Music.

The ‘Fitz’ Memorial Scholarship is awarded on an annual basis at Éigse CIM, A Gaela event to CIM students of exceptional dedication and talent to their music.  In 2011-13, the scholarship was awarded to three promising young musicians.  In 2014, our instructors voted to extend the scholarships to include three award categories: Under 12, Under 18, and Adult. The scholarship can be used to help pay for any workshop or performance experience anywhere in the world, a new instrument or repair, or for an extra CIM class. You can see a list of our past recipients below.


A student who receives the Fitz Memorial Scholarship:

  • Has achieved a high level of technical skill and ability on their principle instrument.
  • Continues to demonstrate to his or her private teacher that he or she is dedicated to improving his/her skills on chosen instrument through regular and diligent practice.
  • Has shown interest and leadership in the larger community of Irish traditional culture by attending sessions, performances and attending and/or volunteering at concerts and workshops.

Award Recipients

Fitz Scholarship Award Recipients, 2012-Present

Under 12: Teddy Brandt, Beth Bryson
Under 19: Morien McBurnie, Niamh Mee
Adult: Chris McGreevy, Laura Billings Coleman


Under 12: Katya Roberts
Under 18: Ian McKenna
Adult: Amy Brosnahan


Under 12: Ginger Anderson
Under 18: Derek Anderson
Adult: Gina Fitzgerald


Under 12: Finn Coleman
Under 18: Victoria Pierce
Adult: David Hill


Under 12: Cathal Mee
Under 18: Adrienne O’Shea
Adult: Alex Murkve


Under 12: Arjun Ramachandran
Under 18: Joe De Georgeo
Adult: Jo Ann Vano


Under 12: Ava Sackaroff
Under 18: Hannah Flowers
Adult: Pat Lyles


Under 12: Carmen Pasquerella
Under 18: David Ochs
Adult: Aja McCullough Beers


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Emiliano Morales


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