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Part of our mission of "handing down the tradition" is to provide access to the music for anyone who is interested.  This section of our website is designed with learners in mind.  Take a look at the following free resources on our website:

  • Common Tunes - Curated collections of tunes that many musicians in St. Paul & Minneapolis play at sessions.  In 2010 and 2013, most of our students learned this material. The resource includes recordings (slow & fast), and sheet music in pdf format. We have recently released two new common repertoires for 2020 and 2021!
  • Playing Traditional Music - Learn more about what makes Irish traditional music unique and find tools for learning and supporting your musical development.
  • Irish Instruments - Learn more about the unique instruments that are a staple in Irish music. The CIM even offers rentals for many hard-to-find instruments.
  • Irish Sessions - A session is what we traditional musicians call something that outsiders might call an Irish "jam session". At a session, the musicians are playing in tunes in unison, often in groups of three, in medleys.  For example, three reels, three jigs or three polkas in a row.  We are fortunate to have lots of sessions in the Twin Cities!
  • Music Competitions - Competitions can be a fun way to challenge yourself musically. Learn more about the types of music competitions available, and how you can prepare to compete.

Feel free to contact the Center for Irish Music with any Irish music questions.  We will try and answer them ourselves, or hand over your inquiry to one of our experienced instructors.

Traditional Music




Common Tunes

Common Tunes

Common Tunes

Common Tunes