Community partners of the Center for Irish Music are organizations that we have found to have complimentary goals to those of CIM.  As community partners, we agree to support each other's missions and events through mutual promotion and community organization.

If you are interested in developing a community partnership with the CIM for a grant application, please review these guidelines.

The Celtic Junction Arts Center was created to celebrate and nurture thriving Celtic Arts by supporting local artists and facilitating the education of those arts to the local community. The Celtic Junction wishes to bring many artistic traditions (music, dance, language, visual arts, instrument building and others) together under one roof and to provide a home where their community can thrive and grow together. Their desire is that by bringing together this thriving arts community, providing first-class facilities and amenities, and employing and supporting our local artists, The Celtic Junction might bolster the next chapter of Celtic culture and history here, in the place we are blessed to call home.


The Great Northern Irish Pipers Club (GNIPC) was formed to support and enable the continuance of the art of uilleann (pronounced: illan) piping. The uilleann pipes are a wholly-indigenous bagpipe of Ireland. They are a fairly quiet, complex bellows blown bagpipe ideal for playing jigs, reels and mournful airs. The group meets monthly and consists of experienced pipers to rank beginners. The third weekend in May, we hold an annual gathering called a Tionól that is filled with workshops taught by visiting master pipers, sessions and a concert.


Irish Arts Minnesota (IAM) is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit cultural and educational organization established to support, coordinate, encourage and promote high quality activities and programs in Irish music and dance in the Twin Cities community. They hope to foster greater awareness, understanding, appreciation of and participation in the traditional arts of Ireland and related cultural traditions.


The Twin Cities Traditional Singers Club supports and encourages involvement and excellence in Irish and related singing traditions. They do this in part by providing a regular singing session in the Twin Cities for those who are interested in learning, performing, and sharing knowledge on unaccompanied traditional songs. They also host concerts and workshops by respected traditional singers. Past guests include Len Graham, Aine Meenaghan, Dáithí Sproule, Rhiannon Giddens, Norman Kennedy, Jimmy Crowley and more.


The Irish Fair of Minnesota is recognized as one of the most family-friendly events in the Twin Cities, one of the most authentic Irish festivals nationwide. Each year, they invite the community to join them on the banks of the Mississippi River for a celebration of Irish heritage with music, dance, family activities and good craic! The Irish Fair of Minnesota is a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote and cultivate Irish culture and preserve a rich heritage of traditions for future generations.