May 2, 2024

Congratulations to the 45 competitors, both youth and adults, who traveled to Chicago for the 2024 Midwest Fleadh Cheoil, hosted by the Institute for Traditional Irish Music from April 26-28th. Students were joined by CIM instructors Hannah Flowers, Chad McAnally, Todd Menton, Brian Miller, Carmen Pasquerella, Norah Rendell, Mary Vanorny and Kate Wade, as well as countless family members who were there to show their support. We're so proud of the incredible musicianship that our students displayed. Congratulations to everyone who competed!

2024 CIM Competitors & Medals

Competition Competitor(s) Place
1 A Fiddle Freya Hegerle
1 B Fiddle Beth Bryson
Addy Davies 3rd
Ben Ebinger
Cora Ebinger
Teagan Crowe
Owen Crowe
1 C Fiddle Claire Vanorny 1st
2 A Button Accordion Liam Moriarty 1st
2 B Button Accordion Teddy Brandt 2nd
3 A Concert Flute Asher Jurchisin 1st
3 B Concert Flute Ellie Shirmer 1st
3 C Concert Flute Katya Roberts 1st
Nevellie Larson 3rd
Gabby Pasquerella 2nd
Ciara O'Shea
4 A Tin Whistle Henry Miller 1st
Asher Jurchisin
Amelia Engelking
Alex Ebinger
Niko Morales Bettaglio
4 B Tin Whistle Ellie Shirmer 1st
4 C Tin Whistle Katya Roberts 1st
Nevillie Larson 2nd
6 A Concertina Kate Bryson 2nd
8 b Harp Lailana Vandermeuse-Siteki 3rd
8 c Harp Ciara O'Shea 3rd
10 B Tenor Banjo Collin Fenton 1st
10 C Tenor Banjo Henry Brandt 1st
10 D Tenor Banjo Morien McBurnie 1st
11 B Mandolin Collin Fenton 1st
14 C Miscellaneous Zach Vandermeuse-Siteki 3rd
15 B Accompaniment Collin Fenton 2nd
15 C Accompaniment Henry Brandt 1st
16 A Bodhran Oliver Sherman 1st
16 B Bodhran Teddy Brandt 1st
18 C Fiddle-Slow Airs Claire Vanorny 1st
20 c Flute-Slow Airs Katya Roberts 1st
21 C Whistle-Slow Airs Katya Roberts 1st
23 A Duet Liam Moriarty & Brenna Moriarty
23 B Duet Beth Bryson & Teddy Brandt 2nd
23 C Duet Claire Vanorny & Nevellie Larson 2nd
Collin Fenton & Henry Brandt 3rd
23 D Duet Morien McBurnie & Kira Doppel 3rd
24 B Trio Teddy-Beth-Collin 1st
24 D Trio Brianna Brown-Morien McBurnie-Kira Doppel 1st
Erik-Ben-Dave 2nd
25 C Ceili Band - Nick Coleman Rana Egan-piano 1st
Miles Nordquist-drums
Teddy Brandt-accordion
Henry Brandt-banjo
Collin Fenton-banjo
Nevellie Larson-flute
Ciara O'Shea-flute
Gabby Pasquerella-flute
Claire Vanorny-fiddle
Beth Bryson-fiddle
26 A Grúpa Ceoil Alex Ebinger 1st
Amelia Engelking
Asher Jurchisin
Brenna Moriarty
Maeve Barnwell
Elliana Rescigno
Freya Hegerle
Henry Miller
Izzy Miller
Jack McRoberts
Kate Bryson
Liam Moriarty
Oliver Sherman
Vivienne Ebinger
26 C Grúpa Ceoil Collin Fenton-banjo/guitar 1st
Henry Brandt-guitar
Claire Vanorny-fiddle
Beth Bryson-fiddle
Addy Davies-fiddle
Teagan Crowe-fiddle
Ben Ebinger-fiddle
Allegra Larson-fiddle
Ciara O'Shea-harp
Gabby Pasquerella-flute, whistle
Ellie Shirmer-flute/whistle
Nevellie Larson-flute
Teddy Brandt-accordion/bodhran
26 D Grupa Cheoil - An Luan Bob Ford-bouzouki 2nd
Mike O'Connor-guitar
Dave McKenna-flute
Ann Schroeder-flute
Emma Liu-fiddle
Erik Brandt-accordion
Tom Sullivan-bodhran
Ben Crowe-tenor banjo
Nicole Boor-uilleann pipes
39 Newly Composed Tune Beth Bryson

Thank you to the following instructors for their hard work preparing students for their competitions:

Danielle Enblom
Mattie Ernst
Hannah Flowers
Katie Grennan
Tom Klein
Iain Dove McAfee
Chad McAnally
John McCormick
Todd Menton
Brian Miller
Adrienne O'Shea
Carmen Pasquerella
Norah Rendell
Abbey Roemer
Dáithí Sproule
Mary Vanorny
Kate Wade