August 4, 2023

Door Rendering - 23.04.28

Above:  A rendering of 'Phase 2' of the CIM Expansion & Improvement Project, the addition of an accessible entrance leading into our lower lobby. 

Expansion & Improvement Project Phase 1 Complete, Phase 2 Starts This Week!

Thanks to your generous support, Phase 1 of our Expansion and Improvement Project is complete! The Center for Irish Music now has four new classrooms, including the beautiful Scanlan Music Hall, which doubles as an acoustic performance space and a large ensemble room.

As soon as construction finished, our students were in there playing, and learning music at recitals, ensemble practices, private lessons and group classes.

**With your support, we were able to raise the funds and complete Phase 1 in less than twelve months, renovating 4,000 square feet on the south-west the Celtic Junction!**

What's next? Phase 2!

The construction of a handicapped accessible entrance on the southwest side of the Celtic Junction building begins this week.

This project will benefit the entire Celtic Junction community, but is funded entirely by the Center for Irish Music through grants, donations, and funds from our reserves.

It's not too late to become a part of this lasting legacy by making a tax-deductible donation today!


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Phase 2 of this project entail?

During phase 2, we will remove the current door on the south end of the Celtic Junction building and add an accessible entrance, complete with a small vestibule and ramp. This entrance will lead directly into the Center for Irish Music's newly renovated lower lobby.

Why is the new entrance so important?

The Center for Irish Music is committed to providing a safe, accessible space for all students and community members. This entrance will allow greater accessibility for our friends with disabilities, musicians with bulky instruments, parents with strollers, and more!

I thought this project was fully funded. Why are you still raising money for it?

We were blown away by community support for the Expansion & Improvement Project, and were able to meet our original goal by fall of 2022. Of course, if you've ever done a home renovation project, you know that there are always a few unexpected surprises. The final cost estimate for Phase 2 is $30,000 more than we originally budgeted, and though we have a rainy-day fund that will allow us to move forward, any additional contributions will help us remain financially secure and allow us to invest in expanded programming to fill our new classrooms.

Still have questions? We want to hear from you! Contact Norah Rendell at