April 27, 2022

Irish traditional music is the folk music from Ireland.  It is non-commercial, community music that carries with it a rich history from Ireland and the Diaspora.  Irish music has a rich tradition in both instrumental music and song in the Irish (Gaelic) and English languages.

The purpose of the music is to entertain (oneself and others) in various contexts and to provide music for dance. In earlier times, folk music was the evening’s entertainment after a long day of work. It was also played at weddings, funerals and important community events.


Common Traditional Irish Instruments

Common traditional Irish instruments include fiddle, uilleann pipes, wooden flute, whistle, button accordion, concertina, tenor banjo (4 string), bodhrán, harp, guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, harmonica and song.

Common Irish Tune Types (Dance Forms)

Reels, jigs, slip jigs, hornpipes, polkas, slides, airs, waltzes, flings, barndances, highlands, mazurkas, marches, set dances, planxty, songs.

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