The Center for Irish Music (CIM) has created the Celtic Cuties songbooks, a series of four music books/CDs—one for each season—that introduce families with young children to Irish traditional music. Created as a take-home resource to support the CIM’s Celtic Cuties parent-participation music classes, the enchanting books/CDs will be released for sale to the general public in 2023.
Claire Vanorny and Ryan Behnke bring home silver medals from the All Ireland Fleadh By...
In June, we launched a new website that includes an events/classes calendar and blog (plus most everything we had on the old site). We are excited about how these new features will help to connect students, families and CIM fans with our programs, events and many activities!
Support the Center for Irish Music's Expansion and Improvement Project and help us make room for the next generation!
Following a successful showing at the St. Louis Midwest Fleadh Cheoil, 18 CIM students and their families are traveling to Mullingar for the 2022 All-Ireland Fleadh from August 1-7th.
Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 14th annual Minnesota Irish Music Weekend! We were thrilled to be back in person this year. 131 adults and youth enjoyed workshops, lectures and interviews (both online and in person) with our amazing visiting master artists and regional artists. 125 people joined us for our Kickoff Celebration, 150 musicians shared tunes at the Great Session Experience, and 160 attended our Saturday night Master Artists Concert.
Each year, the Center for Irish Music awards the Fitz Memorial Scholarship to three students who have demonstrated dedication, interest in expanding their musical education, and interest in the greater Irish community. Congratulations to this year's award winners!
It’s been a busy couple of weeks since the CIM students, families, and many instructors returned from a wonderful weekend at the Midwest Regional Fleadh Cheoil in St. Louis.
Hannah Flowers admits it might have been the taffeta ball gowns and wind-machines behind Celtic Woman that first fired her fascination with the Irish harp at the age of 10. But after the month of lessons her parents gave her as a Christmas present, she knew she had discovered something deeper. “I don’t know what it is about this instrument, but there’s no substitute for it,” she says. “Right away I was hooked.